What’s in the BOX Challenge!! **LIVE ANIMALS** Gross Giant Slime Orbeez & Real Food vs. Gummy Food

– Oh, my gosh! Oh, what is that? I hope I’m not hurting it, I’m pinching it really hard. (screaming) You challenged us to do the what’s in the box challenge. Today, I’m here with Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness. – What’s going on, guys? – And we’re about to stick our hands in this box and guess what you wanted us to touch. This is gonna be crazy. All right, here we go. Three– Oh, hold on Two, one, go. (screaming) Geeze, what is that? What is that? I’m gonna touch it.

Oh, geeze. – Oh, it’s on my finger! (screaming) – Whoa, what on earth? (sniffing) It smells so weird! (sniffing) – Oh, my gosh, that does not smell good This feels like toilet paper and I think I know what’s on it. – Oh, no! – Oh! I do not agree to be a part of this! – Oh, no, is this like a poopy diaper? Yo, that is disgusting! What do you think it is? – I mean, I wanna guess that it’s a poopy diaper, but there’s not way that– – [Collins] That’s your final guess? Oh, my! It’s a diaper, bro.

– It is not! – It is literally a diaper, bro! – Oh, no! – What the heck? It smells kinda weird, like funky, like it’s got a weird tang and odor to it, man. – It’s not good. Here, try some. (screaming) It’s the look that really makes you gag. – No, look, ‘cuz it looks way too realistic, bro. It looks way too realistic. – I think it’s caramel and peanut butter, though. – That’s pretty gross. Guys, Coyote won the very first round and we’re gonna be doing a whole bunch of rounds and whoever wins the most, apparently they get to give a punishment to the loser. So, what is this punishment gonna be? – Well, Collins, I just so happen to have with me some habanero peppers.

– Oh, no. – One of the hottest peppers in the world. So, if you don’t win all the challenges, you have to eat one or maybe the entire box of peppers, depending on how brave you feel. – All right, game is on. We’re going for it. So, I think, Coyote, it’s your turn right now. You’ve got the next item ready to go, so I’m gonna turn around and I guess, let’s do it. – Let’s put something in that box. All right, guys. Well, my first item for Collins to guess is now inside of the box. So, if you’re ready– – Can I turn around? – Turn around, let’s see if you can figure out what it is. – Okay. – Whoa, wait! You gotta remember that I sometimes have tricks up my sleeves. – Oh, no. – So, hold on a second. Hold on. Oh, stay, buddy. Stay. – What is it? – Very slowly, place your hands inside of the box. – Oh, my gosh. – Do not squeeze, just gently feel with the tips of your fingers. – I’m so nervous, hold up. – Come on, it’s gonna get out of the box. – It’s gonna get out? Okay, okay, oh, my gosh.

– [Coyote] Go, go, go, go, go. (screaming) – What is that? (screaming) I hope I’m not hurting it. I’m pinching it really hard. – Oh, it doesn’t look good. – I’m pinching it. It stayed pinched, bro. (screaming) What is that? – You know I’ve worked with a lot of large worms and snakes. – Oh, god. Okay, I’m going with both hands. (screaming) Oh, my gosh. It was sharp. – It’s not sharp. – Dude, there was an edge. I felt and edge. – Was it a tooth? – That’s what it felt like. – It could have been a claw. – Oh, dude, I’m tripping. I’m tripping right now. Oh, my gosh. – Now, just go with both hands in there and pull it out. (screaming) Do you have any idea what it possibly is? – Dude. – I’ll give you a hint. It’s not really alive. – Boing (screaming) I broke it in half. It juiced on me.

Bro, I can’t. – Do you give up? – I have literally no idea. – You haven’t even said anything yet. – I literally have no idea what it is. – I’ve got an idea. Close your eyes. – Oh, my gosh. – And take a piece out and just bite it and see if you can guess based on taste. It’s okay, it’s not moving now. Just take a big bite out of it. – It’s spiky on that end. It’s not gonna bite me? It tastes salty. It’s super salty. Oh, my gosh, it’s so salty.

– Oh, man, you’re a brave individual. Any idea yet? – Oh, it’s like a hot dog. A sausage. – It’s kinda something between a worm and a snake. – That was the worst. Terrifying. A ton of you guys suggested this one right here. I don’t think he’s gonna know what it is. We’ll have to see ‘cuz it’s a little bit dangerous, which, Coyote is not afraid of danger, but, hopefully, they stay in there and they don’t move. So, you guys, if you see it moving, make sure nothing happens. All right, so, Coyote, you can turn around. I would suggest using one hand for this just in case something goes on. – One of them usually is getting bitten by things. Now, generally, I always look where my hands are going because that’s how you accidentally get bitten by stuff. – Yeah, so, hopefully that doesn’t happen on this one. So, put your hand in. – Oh. – I touched something there. – I don’t know why I’m getting scared. – It’s like a bowl. Oh, there’s something in the bowl. There’s something in the bowl! – Yes. – Ooh, it’s like jelly-ish.

Like little eggs. It’s kinda like little eggs. Ooh, it’s soft. I’m gonna squeeze one and see what happens. Oh, it shot out of my hand. Oh, it’s lima beans Are they gummy lima beans? Oh, no, I know what it is. You guys took those Jelly Belly jellybeans and sucked all the outside off of them and just left the inside, right? Let’s see if I can do this. It went all over the place. (laughing) – They’re Orbeez. – What’s an Orbee? You can’t do this. – No, no, no, no, no! – No, don’t do that? – No, do not eat the Orbeez. – I thought they were candies. I love how they bounce, though. – Yo, those are– Yeah, they’re very– Oh, my gosh. – Whoa! (maniacal laughing) – Right now, we’re on the next one and I’m nervous to see what you’ve got in store for me ‘cuz this guy, he might be like a tarantula.

– I’m gonna get you on this one, buddy. – Oh, man – As long as I don’t slip on these Orbeez. – Hold on, one second. I gotta make sure it’s– Oh, geeze. Hold on, I gotta make sure it’s like– Okay, one second. Okay. All right, so, on this one now, you get to guess what’s inside. I’m just gonna let you know on this one, you wanna be a little careful. Just go for it. – Oh, that makes me feel confident. Just go for it. I’m gonna go left handed on this one. – Oh, man. Oh, wait a second! Get your hand out, hold on. Wait, wait, wait. Okay, you have to turn around again. Okay. – It sounds like you’re struggling over there, man. – Yeah. – Are you sure this is a good idea? I don’t even feel anything yet. – Oh, it’s kinda being sneaky right now. (screaming) – It’s in the back corner! Ooh. Oh, no. It’s not poop again, is it? (laughing) Oh, is this old cheese? Rotting cheese? Rotting cream cheese. – Not quite rotten, but yeah, it’s cream cheese.

– Is it right? – Yeah, you got it. He just whips out a chunk of it. – Oh, I do not like cream cheese! Okay, now, before you put your hands in there, I do want to make you aware that here in the Sonoran desert of Arizona, the only scorpion species that’s capable of hanging upside down, which is called the bark scorpion, is right in this area. Now, the thing inside of this box may also be capable of hanging upside down. I’m just warning you in advance, it may be a scorpion, it may not be a scorpion. So, go ahead and put your hands inside the box and let’s see what happens. Oh, wait a second. Whoa. – You’re kidding me. – Oh, no, it’s still in there. I thought it was out here. – I don’t even wanna do this anymore. (screaming) Okay, that’s it. That’s nothing. – You didn’t squish it, did you? Just kinda explore around on the inside there.

There you go. Be brave about it. Getting warmer. – I feel like you’re trying to, like– I don’t know where it’s at. Trying to hear it. Hello, are you in there? – A lot of times, these things are ambush predators, right? Which means they sit and wait for their prey to come to them, figure that’s probably a great thing for this sort of an experiment. If it just waits in the box, maybe one of the corners of the box? – Are you sure it’s even in there? – Oh, yeah, it’s in there.

Whoa, take your hand out. No sudden movements. That’s how you’re gonna get attacked. – Bro, you said take your hand out. I’m like, it’s out, fam. – Here’s what I’m gonna do. – It’s gone. – Take a deep breath. – Okay. – Don’t look, just turn in that direction. – Okay. – I’m gonna place it in an area. Hold on. – Place it? – Ooh, okay. – What the heck? Ow! I smacked my knee, you scared me so bad. – [Coyote] Go, go, go, go, go. It’s gonna move. Forward, forward, forward. (screaming) Oh, my gosh! – Put your hand flat, straight down, and just keep it there. Keep it there, keep it there, keep it there. If you move– – Wait a minute. What in the– What in the– I was about to say sticky hand, but this– – What is it? – Yee. – But it’s not a scorpion and you didn’t get stung, so we live for the next challenge. (toy gun sound) – So, I hate to say this, but on this one, here, Coyote, be careful of the tail. That’s all I’m gonna say.

– I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the strike zone with I don’t even know what’s in this box. Okay, are we ready? Are you ready? – Here we go. – One, two, oh, boy. – Go for it. – Three. – Wait, first, actually, I’ve got a challenge for you. I wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel, turn on the channel post notifications, and give this video a thumbs up in seven seconds. Okay, let’s see if you can do this right now, you ready? Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, done.

If you can do that, comment down below, Keyper Squad, right now, and Coyote, I was trying to buy you a little bit of time because it’s looking like it’s a little more settled down now, so it’s good for you to go. – You know, that little pause for that call out, made it even harder now to put my hand inside the box ‘cuz the nerves have only built. Thanks, Collins, I appreciate that. – I got you. – Here we go, guys. I’m just going for it. Ready? – All right, go. (screaming) – Hold up, hold up, hold up. – It moved. – It moved – It moved. – It moved. – Oh, my leg is shaking. I’m just gonna take this one slow. I was gonna go straight for it, but– If I make a little movement like that, maybe, if it’s alive, it’ll strike. Oh, It’s gushy! I don’t know what that is. – [Collins] You, straight up, if you guess what this is you will be like a ninja. – Oh, there’s something solid inside of it. Oh, it does feel like it has some bones, though. You did not pick something off the road outside? – Yo, when I was picking this one out, I was like there is no way he’s gonna guess it.

– I think it’s prehistoric in nature. I can feel the spikes on top of it. It might be related to a stegosaur. – I don’t even know what that is. (fake screaming) – Oh, something is sharp on it. Is this a dinosaur? – Yes. – [Coyote] Wait a second, is that a skeleton inside of it? – Yep, there you go. – It’s a dinosaur with a skeleton inside of it. – Dude, look how awesome this thing is, bro. – What! – You can like fully remove the skeleton. – Sweet, now it’s just a finger puppet. Look at that. I love this game. Oh, Collins! – Yes? – I got another treat for you inside this box, buddy. Now, don’t look. I’ll give you guys a little bit of animal facts. One of the most dangerous jellyfish in the world is called the Box Jellyfish, so why wouldn’t you bring a Box Jellyfish and put it inside the box when you’re guessing what’s inside the box? – ‘Cuz it’s dangerous.

– I’m not gonna say if there is or isn’t a Box Jellyfish inside of this box, you’re just gonna have to reach your hand inside of there and tell us whether or not it is a Box Jellyfish. Now, I will warn you, if it is, we may have to end the shoot and go to the hospital. So, without further ado, put your hand inside the box and let’s see what’s in there. – Oh, my gosh. I’m not excited about this. – Hi, buddy. Okay, you don’t look happy. Yeah, well that’s not gonna hurt you at all. That’s just a bowl. (screaming) Oh, there you go. You know what, have you ever played those games where you put in 50 cents and it’s got the grappling claw that comes down? – Yeah, yeah. – And you grab the toy and you can never get the toy. Today, you’re the grappling claw and you’re gonna get the toy.

Only, that’s not a toy, so put your hand in there like a grappling thing, I’ll tell you when you’re close and there you go. (screaming) Yeah, that’ right. What do you think it is? I see you’re very excited. – I wouldn’t use the word excited. – Give me one guess. What does it feel like? A little bit like a jellyfish, right? – It’s like the most runny mashed potatoes I’ve ever had, like, felt. What is this thing? – Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know what that is. – It’s almost like yogurt and peaches. Is it like a peach baby food? – Um, babies could technically eat it, if you want a hint. Go on, you got this. You need a point. – I do. Is it like– It can’t be Jello. – Oh, it could be. – Jello, peach, peach Jello? – Oh! Taste it and tell us. – Yeah, it’s like Jello. – Oh, yeah. That’s a point. – That was close. That was disgusting. All right, so you can turn around and this may be the grossest item yet. – Why? Why me? – On this one, there’s really no approach to it, it’s just gross. (grunting) – Oh, it’s wet and slimy.

– I know, right? – Is that a cow tongue? – No, what? No! – Oh, no! Oh, it’s an ear! Is it an ear? – You got it. That was quick. You got it, don’t lick it, bro. It probably has all chemicals, okay. Yo, what’s up, dude? – Yeah, is there only one in here? – I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you. Coyote’s kinda dominating right now, but, hopefully, this next round I’ll be able to take it back. – Oh, it’s got danger written all over it. Now, this one is not potentially an animal. – Great. – But, it can possibly hurt your ears, your nose, and your eyes. Yeah, keep going. Just a hair further. – It’s a can of sorts. There’s like a button at the top of it. Should I press it? – I don’t know. (fart sounds) (screaming) Why would you smell it? – Holy cow! It smells so bad. It smells like a fart can. – This is the big boy. (screaming) – I got the point on that one.

– That is a point for you. – Sweet! All right, on to the next round. This thing is just terrible. (shouting) All right, this one here was suggested by the Instagram Keyper of the Week, so if you want to be featured as the Instagram Keyper of the week, check the description down below to find out how, but right now, Coyote, it’s all you. And for this one, the best suggestion I would have is just both hands in at the same time just grab and tear. – Just go for it? – Just go for it. – It’s plastic and rubbery. Oh, what is this? Is it Play-Doh? – Nope! – It feels like liver. – He’s got the whole box. He’s like yee. Literally like any other YouTuber would know what this is. – Is it slime? – Yay! – Like, bubblegum slime? – You shouldn’t eat it, dude! Right now, guys, we’re onto the next round.

I’m making a comeback right now. It’s a comeback, baby Don’t you ever for– Oh, geeze. Yeah, there we go onto the next round and let’s go. – Now, on my channel, people often want to know, Coyote, when are you gonna catch Bigfoot? I don’t think I’m ever gonna catch him, but if you’re ready, turn around, find out if Bigfoot’s in the box. – What? – Ooh, I would go kinda further toward the front of the box, just for safety sake. Just a little more forward. Yeah, there you go. – Was that the box or was that it? – That was it. – This is the most terrifying thing of all time – It’s really close.

– Oh, my god! There’s hairs on it. – [Coyote] Yeah, this thing is– It appears to be alive. (screaming) – [Collins] Where’d it go? I feel it moving out of the box. – No, nope, it’s still right in the middle Maybe if you just kinda gently put your hand on top of it like you did the Box Jellyfish Jello. There you go. There you go. (screaming) – Holy cow, okay. (screaming) Oh, my gosh – I did not do that. – Oh, my gosh. Okay. – Now, often times when I catch animals, usually the best approach is to just commit. If you kinda just dance around it, it may take a bite, so I would just go ahead and reach around there and– (screaming) Hold it right there.

– I got it in my hand. – Do not shake the box, Collins. Do not shake the box. – It wasn’t alive, right? – I don’t know, ‘cuz it looked alive. – Definitely not anymore, the way that I grabbed it. – You squeezed it? Just really slowly try to guess. Kinda open up your hand a little bit so the audience can see what it is. – It’s kinda fuzzy.

– Guess, guess, guess before it gets away. – Why is it gonna– I don’t wanna touch it anymore. – Try to guess what it is when it’s right there. – What the heck is that? – He can’t even get it when it’s right on there. – What the heck is that? – Sorry. – I almost had a heart att– Whoa, what is this? – It’s Bigfoot’s mustache. See that. (laughing) – That’s so funny. – Now, you look like me. – Hey, guys, I’m Coyote Peterson and welcome to Brave Wilderness. – There you go. – Today, I’m gonna get stung. – You know what, I don’t know if you can make a comeback here, and if you don’t, I think you should wear the Bigfoot mustache while eating a habanero pepper. – New punishment, you have to eat– Oh, my gosh. – You gotta wear the Bigfoot mustache while you eat the pepper. – Game on, let’s go. I’ve seen the video of yours where you literally had leeches on your arm. – Yes.

– I thought, if you’ve already done that, then this is gonna be no issue to kinda do something similar to that again. – [Coyote] All right, here we go, ready? – [Collins] Oh, there you go. – It’s a bowl! – It is a bowl. – It’s a bowl Got it, point! – Uh uh, no, no, no. – [Coyote] Go back inside the bowl, here we go. – [Collins] Inside the bowl. – Ooh, no, no, no. Are those bird eggs? Oh, no. Not pickled eggs? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Is it a lizard egg? Yeah, it’s a lizard– (screaming) No, olives! Olives! I don’t like olives! – Well, you got it. (shouting) – All right. – Let’s see what comes out.

Oh, is that a lizard? – What is it? – No, that’s– – That’s like a piece of garlic. – Ew. Watch this, guys. That’ll get him good. Now, I read on the internet you are afraid of slugs. So, I said to myself, you know what I’m not gonna bring today? Any slugs. – Great. – ‘Cuz that wouldn’t be cool. – That would not be cool. – But, instead, I found something that’s really close to a slug, so that’s just the only hint that you’re gonna get. – Okay. – And, at this point, I think you do need to score some points, so do your best. Yeah, both hands. There’s two of them in there, so you might as well use both hands.

One of them seems to be a little angry, so– – What? – [Coyote] Oh, there you go. – What the heck is that? – Oh, boy, he’s going for it. You’re getting braver as this is going on, you know that? Take one and squish it in your hand. Give it a good old squeeze. – [Collins] Is it a turd? – I mean, some may consider it as such. – It feels just like a turd. Oh, it’s a Twinkie. – You know, Twinkies say good forever, so that means this is still good. Go ahead, eat it. Break a piece off. – Okay. – Oh, man, that one’s stale. – Bro, this is, like, super dry. Okay, so you can turn around and you gotta guess what’s inside. I’m not gonna give you any hints, I’m not gonna set it up in any way, just reach inside and go for it. – I’m gonna be bold, go both hands. I like to check the edges– Oh, what’s this? Oh, some residue from something left over from before (laughing) Oh, it’s another bowl. It feels kinda warm. Oh, it’s a crumble cake.

– Nope. – Cinnamon crumble! – I’ll give you five guesses. So, there goes two guesses, you’ve got three left. – Parmesan cheese. – Nope. Okay, Coyote, you’ve only got two guesses left. – Oh, man. Brown sugar, hot brown sugar. – One guess left. – What, it’s not brown sugar? – Ooh, it’s coming down to it. – It smells like crayons. Melted crayons! – Nope! – What? – It’s kinetic sand. – I don’t even know what that is. Can you eat it? – Dude, why would you eat– You eat everything, bro.

– All right, Collins, for the last round, I’ve got something extra special planned for you, but it’s gonna require a little bit of set up. So, if you would, go, other room, down the hallway. You can’t see anything, you can’t hear anything. Trust me, it’s gonna be worth it. – Oh, my gosh. – Build up some nerves, we’ll call you as soon as we’re set up, okay? – This can’t be good. – Don’t think about it, just go. – All right. – Just go. – Okay. Is this gonna be safe? – Yeah, yeah. All right, guys, now, this entire time we’ve been teasing Collins with the idea that there are actually dangerous animals inside of this box. Now, technically I cannot bring animals on this episode because, if Collins was bitten or stung, it would be a really bad situation and, of course, we have to worry about the safety of the animals, but what I do have is a stuffed animal. What I’m gonna do is actually play some sounds on my phone and make Collins think that there’s a dangerous forest predator inside of the box and let’s see how far he’s willing to go to possibly win this what’s in the box challenge.

So, if you guys are ready, let’s bring in the forest predator. Oh, Collins! – [Collins] All right, I’m coming. – All right, turn the corner, turn the corner. – Okay. (tiger growling) – Just go straight, walk straight. – What is that sound? – All right, I’m just gonna leave you here, all right? – Now, I know this has been a lot of fun and games the entire time, right? But, I know what everybody wanted to see was something a little more risky. Now, we chose to put you in a blindfold on this one so that you could really push the envelope, man. I need you to be extremely brave right here. – Oh, my gosh. – And just be careful. I cannot promise you that something bad isn’t gonna happen but that’s what people wanna see. So, if you’re ready, place your hand inside of the box. – What is– (lion growling) I’m just saying, like, it sounds like a live animal is in this box right now. Wait, is this box bigger? – It is bigger. – What the heck? – I think he’s getting nervous, folks. I almost forgot to remind you, if you do not guess what’s inside of this box, you’re going to have to eat habanero peppers with the Bigfoot beard.

– That’s scary. Can I go. – Yeah, real slow. – Oh, my gosh, dude. It’s probably getting more agitated. What the heck is that? Oh, my gosh, what is that? – It’s gonna get upset. – Hold on, am I, like, legit safe right now? – I can’t promise if you’re safe or not safe. Well, let me put it like this. – Yeah. – You can either put your hand back in or try to guess what it is. You could just eat the box of habanero peppers right now. You pick. – No way. – It’s one or the other, you gotta get this point. – Oh, it touched me! It’s furry! – Go on, one more, you got this. Be brave. This is your big adventure right here, buddy.

– Dude, it’s stuffed. It’s stuffed. (screaming) There’s something inside of it, what the heck? – Can you guess what it is? – Dude, it’s your hand inside of a stuffed animal – Hey, that’s pretty good. – Oh, my gosh. – Ta-da! – My heart is beating like a mile a minute right now. – I got some good news and some bad news for you. – Okay. – The good news is you got a point. We didn’t think you were gonna get that point, but the bad news is, you still don’t have more points than I do, so you’re gonna have to eat some habanero peppers. – Oh, no. – Come on. I know everybody out there watching also wants to see me eat a pepper, so put on the Bigfoot beard. Whoa, those are spicy! – Yo, I cannot believe you’re about to eat a pepper right now. You didn’t even lose this challenge, but, you guys, we did a crazy vide over on his channel.

I’m gonna link it down below and also (spitting) The hair is sticking to my mouth. Oh, my gosh, sorry. I’m also gonna link it down in the description below and I’m also gonna link it right over here, so make sure you guys go watch it, give it a like, subscribe to his channel because, you guys, this man right here is the goat. We going for this? This thing is like mad spicy, bro. – I’m Coyote Peterson, this is Collins Key, – Hey.

– And we’re about to enter the spice zone with the habanero pepper. – Cheers. – Are you guys ready? One. – Oh my gosh. – This is gonna be bad. Two. – Oh, no. – Three. – I can’t get it in my mouth. – Oh, my god. – Holy cow! (screaming) Oh, my god! Oh, my gosh! (both shouting) It’s hot! It’s like drippin out of my mouth. (both shouting) My mouth is on fire. – Oh, my gosh. My mouth won’t stop watering. – The initial hit is like ah! And then, it just keeps going like ah! – I can’t feel my lips. – My eyes are literally on fire. All right, guys, go click right over here right now. Go check out his video, show him some love Oh, my gosh, my mouth is burning. Ow. Go subscribe to his channel. Okay, love you guys. Bye. Oh, my gosh! – That is a hot pepper. Water’s not gonna help. Milk! We need some milk! – We need some milk. – This is one of the hottest peppers in the world, buddy.

What did you think was gonna happen? – The worst are my lips. – Captain tiger seems to be just fine, though..

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