Official iDubbbz Content Cop Diss Track

Alright guys before you guys get mad at me, please hear me out… How do you guys expect me to process a 30-minute video that’s just tearing me apart, that shit’s kind of depressing. And then thinking of a response video Then filming response video, then editing half of it because you know TeaWap edited the other half (you know shout out to him) And then making a full song, hitting the studio, recording the song and then recording the music video and then getting that edited, all in 5 days. This is something that is guaranteed millions and millions of people are gonna see y’know kamran khan is the goat I just want to spend a little bit more time on it, cause my last two music videos has been kind of the same thing. I was just going to random places with like cameramen kinda like what idubbz did in his video, but Y’know, his was kinda ass you know his song was awful too So look, tomorrow out, 100%.

Okay, don’t be mad at me, I’ll give you guys one third of the song right now, deal? But yeah guys, just a little snip-bit. I really wanna show you guys the full song, so bad But I really want to show you guys the full song with the visuals and the music video But I just want to say for all the supporters that watched my last video (that watched all 20 minutes of it) And you stood to the end, and you really enjoyed it, drop the like all that stuff I really do appreciate you sticking by, because sometimes when my channel gets like a wave of hate, people just see like ‘oh what Ricegum is being hated, let’s just hop on the bandwagon, but I did want everyone who watched that video to know that I redeemed myself, Twitch is the best adc in league of legends I like league of legends anyone that heard like 20 seconds of my song, know that, that 20 second of my song is better than his full diss-track But I will see you guys tomorrow, if you guys are gonna hate on me tomorrow, and drop dislikes on this video, don’t even bother watchin’, alright?

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