How Much Money do you get for 1000 Views on YouTube?

Align:start hi everyone this is my Anderson market and today I was going through my comment section and I was reading your guys comments and I saw a comment over and over again that was how much money youtubers earn per thousand views so everybody wants to know how much money YouTube pays per thousand views to a youtuber so in this video I’m going to address this quotient and will also explain in the later section that what all kind of things you know matters in this and will also show you how much money I am making per thousand views so let me begin this video by saying that youtubers don’t get money for people watching their videos take at money for people watching the advertisements the ads around their videos for example let’s say your video has 50,000 views but only there were thousand times the ad got displayed before your videos so you won’t get money for those 50,000 views you will only get money for the thousand times the ads were shown before or on your videos the other very important factor is that who is watching your videos are people from countries like USA Canada UK are watching your videos or people from Asian countries let’s say India Pakistan or Bhutan are watching your videos because interviewers from the USA Canada UK developed countries you will get more money per read whereas as compared clips of viewers are from Pakistan India Bhutan Afghanistan you will get very less money as compared to USA Canada and UK because advertisers in a CRS in India and Pakistan don’t pay that much to YouTube to display their ads on your videos so besides that there’s another important factor called the type of ads on YouTube we have different types of fetch let’s say capable ads non skippable ads display ad bumper ads so different type of fat is equal to different amount of money so other than type of S the other important thing is the content of your videos what kind of content are you publishing in your videos are your videos are funny or they’re Bank videos tech review videos educational videos make a video section videos so every different type of content has different type of ads on them so that way it also varies what kind of content you are publishing in your videos and what kind of ads advertisers bidding on your video there are also other couple of factors that impact your YouTube earnings I’d say per thousand view how much you won so let me just quickly show you guys how much money I am making per thousand views and then you can get the clear idea about how you can see how much money you are earning per thousand views and now let’s get into the video so guys as you can see this is my channel here and we are under the analytics section so here you can see that this is my YouTube ad revenue $642 so this is the total amount that I have earned this file from YouTube and out of this YouTube takes 45% and I only get 55% about it let’s cancel this tab and this is the interesting thing guys here as I was explaining before so here as can see the number of total views of my lifetime so from India the total number of views I got on 66 thousand from United States the views are forty thousand four hundred ninety seven Canada eighteen thousand Pakistan is thousand so as per these figures I should get maximum amount of money from India as I have the sixty thousand views from India now let’s switch this tab here you can see from India I have only earned that $39 whereas a United State I have and $160 let’s go back and see for the Canada in Canada I have earned $77 Canada I have only 18,000 views and still I have earned more than India so that’s what guys are saying before that video that it really matters or not in which language you are making a video as unions will mostly watch videos in Hindi same as Pakistan so here the Pakistan in the views number they are like I have a thousand views from Pakistan let’s go to the money tab and but from the 8,000 views I have only earned 3 Donner’s 11 cents from Pakistan and now let’s move to the third tab this is that guys category of ads so these are the five types capable display bumper capable video ads these are the result that someone has a result your general to book advil and non skippable ads so as you can see I have earned most of my money from skippable ads $462 and then the squee ads 31 33 dollars here is the interesting thing on the display ads this is CPM guys so CPM if you click here effective cost per mile or the estimated average grass revenue per thousand served ad impression so this is basically the thousandth time the ad was display on my channel I got 1,300 $unskipable video ad whereas for display ads I only got one point one seven cents per thousand impressions so and these are the ad impressions so for only thirty five thousand times skippable ads were displays on my uni got $462 there as one lakh 13 thousand times display ads were displayed on my channel and I earned one thirty three hundred thirty four cents so you get the ideas these are the really important factors here and I’m going to show you my today’s running disaster today to put in January 15 then here can you see estimated unneeded zero because it’s still calculating its Adsense is really slow and these are the page views the page views are the total number of views people have bought my channel today if you click on here a page view is what Google counts and you report every time I use the views up beat displaying Google ads we count one page view regardless of the number of ads displayed on that page so even sometimes in a video you can have four to five ads in a single video first non skippable ads then a display or a bumper ad right next are on the top of the video and then even in the middle of the video you have a other ad so and then these are the impressions so click here on this question mark and depression is conquered for each ad requested that returns at least add to the site it is the number of ad units for the content hence search queries rubber and these are the clicks 45 clicks so these are the number of page views today and out of these only 1115 times the ads were displayed on my channel and out of 1115 impressions 45 times people have clicked on those ads and they saw it these are the other things we will discuss from the other so you get the idea total number of views per day as this weight on them and then people clicked on that so this is how YouTube calculates how much you are earning I’ve also created a video about the importance of subscribers on YouTube and how many subscribe verse do you need to start earning money on YouTube so that video can be found in the above card and the description below so guys if you have liked the video smash that thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel if you have any questions please let me know under the comment section have a good day guys now bye

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