Genevieve is a homeless grandmother sleeping on the streets of Philadelphia.

– [Interviewer] Genevieve, we’re here in Philadelphia. You’re making a bed here for the night. – Yes I am sir. – [Interviewer] Tell me about it. – I have to sleep out here, because I had got thrown out of my house because of the slumlord, and also at the shelters there is no protection there. People take everything they can take from you while you’re asleep. At least over here I’m more protected by the people here and the police officers. – [Interviewer] So you feel safer, out here on the streets. – For now, but not for long. – [Interviewer] Well it’s gonna get cold. – Yes I know, that’s when I’m gonna start to see if I can go back with my family. They live in Lancaster. I have four daughters. – [Interviewer] You’re gonna try to reconnect with your family. – Yes, that’s what I’m gonna try to do. – [Interviewer] What’s a day of homelessness like here in Philadelphia? – Not bad, I did it before. I went away and then I came back. My sister had passed away on me. I went to Canada to get all the arrangements of her together.

And then I came back, and I stood in that shelter and that’s what happened. – [Interviewer] Well I mean, gosh, you’re sleeping out here on the sidewalk. It’s more than bad. – This is inside. – [Interviewer] Yeah, there’s an overhang here, you’re in front of a bank. – Yeah, I’ll move out of here in the morning, before they ever open the bank. I’ll be out of here at five in the morning.

They come clean all this in the morning. – [Interviewer] Oh my gosh. What’s your future like? – Leaving Philadelphia for a little bit. I don’t plan to stay here living I think; maybe to Georgia. – [Interviewer] Back with family. – Yes, back with family. – [Interviewer] If you had three wishes, what would they be? – One to be home with my children. Two, somebody to take me there or take a bus, so I could pay for it.

And three, just to be home with my whole family again, and my grandbabies and all. – [Interviewer] Thank you very much for talking. – Okay. (serene music).

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