*WOW A REALLY REALISTIC HOUSE!* *Laughter* Everything fell out of her locker. Like nobody- I couldn’t handle it. What? Cathrine is sooo dumb. Yeah Okay, we got to get started, but I don’t know how. Do any of us know anything about Harriet Tubman? She was like a train conductor, right? Yeah. Yeah! Dude, she was! Yeah, okay great. Umm, so what are we gonna do for the presentation? Oh? We can wear train hats. Yes, train hats, I like it! YES! Every School Presentation Ever Mr. Applebaum look now, I know I didn’t do much talking during the presentation But I want you to know that it was really me who – pulled most of the weight.

I conducted all of the research and created all of the graphs and – Ultimately, I’m the one who organized all the materials, so when it comes to giving us our grades. I think i deserve all the credit. That’s, that’s great. Now I know who to hold the responsible for all that inaccurate information. Now you do realize that Space Jam is not, in fact, a documentary? Uh, that part was Phillip. That part was all Tina. That part was Thomas. Uh-huh… I did the work Well I did more But, see, it’s not ACTUALLY made of rubber. Uhh, anyway, uhh, next group. Uhh, Brandon. Yes, Mr. Applebaum? Uh, Let’s pair you with… Caitlin. Okay, Mr. Applebaum gasp *sexy music* Brandon there’s something I need to tell you: Uhh-huh… Mike and I broke up, Uh-huh And I’ve been feeling really down. Uh huh So you have to do all the work on this project oops Yeah! Yeah, totally! Totally! Cool! A for effort! fOkay look tvcvcx vway we’re gonna get this thing done is if we come together by splitting apart, so I’ve taken it upon myself to designate our roles Jared you’ll do the research Cynthia Yulin put everything into PowerPoint Erica you’ll construct the oral presentation portion all right ready Break wait, what are you doing? Me why I’m the leader I Just did my job No Trevor’s right yeah, that’s difficult work you guys do all the work.

I’ll sit over here Okay, everybody. I’m so very excited to see your unique and original science fair projects um Jeff Why don’t we have you start? I? Made a volcano I made a volcano I made a volcano I painstakingly made a replica of the city of Pompeii detailed cubic centimeter by cubic centimeter Who wants to see a PowerPoint oh You should do that? That’s dope that’s dope Oh Looky here it’s know what all Ali. Yeah, you knit the king of knowledge Huh don’t you have a test to study for yeah? You should go read a book or some? know-it-all Sorry All right It’s final group projects today and because I’m feeling so generous or maybe I just don’t care you guys can pick your own groups Alec you should totally be my group huh um did you watch a shirt or something you don’t really good looks like everything’s coming up Alec Oh The presentation was today Presentation Okay, well um are you serious you didn’t follow any of the guidelines uh? Well You know who else didn’t follow any of the guidelines Harriet Tubman she followed her own guidelines Slavery slavery And that mr..

Simmons is why we didn’t follow any of the guidelines That’ll settle settle You guys clearly did your research that was an excellent speech? But this is math class. I’m gonna have to fail you all Oh Every school presentation ever Hey guys. Thank you so much for watching. If you haven’t hit that Bell button down below. That’d be nice Cuz then you can actually see our videos And we like that if you want to see every first day of school ever click the box on the left and click the box On the right to watch every sex ed ever You

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