*Fans Screaming* Rice Gum: Holy f****n s*** Yo what is up guys I’m back, that’s three days in a row. But today I wanna talk about something I remember a while ago I made a video about how I ordered shoes from this app. it took literally two months to get to my house so this app is awful straight terrible Dude I literally beat it up a goat and I feel bad because all my homies now have been ordering shoes from this app and a lot of You don’t seem to like the apps on my I don’t let me give it another chance I’ve ordered a few shoes on the app like 5 days ago and the shoes just came in and I’m like you know what I went opening it alright guys Just got so much new packing I’m about to pop’em all open Yo, could you load the camera for me I Got you? The Supreme shovel, but wait on his about that Don’t fuck up your shoes.

Dude. You know you got some heat though, right? Here we go spell slippery by their Shoes hey Thank you collab I think these are pretty expensive light up, and they auto tire like you in a tie I Like so now. I’m a timeout like oh My god, dude. You didn’t have to do it. I mean you had to now you had to Oh shit Okay So before Tommy and Wes designed to deal with ideas he used to be with Nike and these were like one of the most very suresies to Go for like 6,000. What do they call they’re called the burgundy September’s right? No. What are you saying red? No, man I can’t believe I bought all these shoes once again guys if you want to know where I bought them at link in the description but Let’s go to my closet all right We are here in my closet and I have some explaining to do as you guys all know I live in like a Fifteen million dollar house and for some reason I’m struggling people think my life is so great all this But like there’s things off camera you guys don’t see For instance my closet Basically every time I turn on the air the roof starts leaking I’m not even joking the roof is leaking on it look at all This water guys.

I can’t make some if this bucket wasn’t here There was literally be a puddle of water in here and sometimes they switch it up and hit me with two drops and for instance right Here bro, look at all this were like this can’t be good for the floor. I believe this is mold I’m not sure. I know yeah wait and all my clothes keeps get $300 off white jean jacket.

This was just standing here, and it was dripping Just first look at the shit oh whatever man other people have bigger problems. I’m not here to complain I was thinking I already unbox like 10 shoes. I might as well. Just show you guys all my shoes. I’ve ever bought I honestly don’t even know where to start I’ll just start from top to bottom easy red Octobers fragment 1 oz white Nike Yee that are actually dirty because I actually wear the jay-z’s more easy more easy more easy on fly air maxes and More easy and one last bit of easy versace slippers of white air prints those Nike rain adidas MMD’s that adidas MMD’s black adidas some of the unique MMD’s order supreme 5 collaboration Nike supreme Collaboration reason that was it for the easy to mourn, Easy Spirit God break vo Jordans I forgot what number like eight or something sure that I don’t know the name of but their self time so they’re cool Oh shit, it’s blinking ended Cheers that look like just plain black shoes, but wait let’s zoom in stitchers laugh, Simmons Why three are DJs and either black and white so I wore them with everything in there, so messy He’s a lot of YouTube dumb B respond to idea what these are but let’s see ah guys These are sick and these I actually got for free shoutout Ian carnage the creator of these shoes These are mad rare and for some reason it reminds me of vans I don’t know Why but it just kind of does Gucci flip-flops and last, but not least supreme slippers that were on my feet But as you guys can see I have a lot of shoes And I just want you guys to know that very thankful because I’m using my youtube money on these shoes But at the end of the day, there’s your shoes and I mean people call them self I’m a sneaker head all that but like I’m really not even a sneaker head.

I just remember as a kid I wanted all these shoes on my friend had these shoes And I just wanted to know how it felt and now that I have all these shoes I mean, I really don’t feel any different. I mean they’re just shoes, but yeah guys Oh, yeah, I’m sorry for the goat that I beat up I mean the app came through this time the reason why I even use the app to begin with is because the prices really aren’t That bad and the thing about them is before they ship the shoe out They check if it’s real or not so none of my shit is fake because if don’t sell me any fake chamois and they lose All credibility telling me they have to make sure everything is real, but yeah If you want to buy some shoes check out the app link in the description go Oh, yeah, and the thing about the word Go it stands for greatest of all time, and I mean everyone knows like I’m the greatest of all time There’s gonna be a good day.

I’m about to get dressed fan meetup pop-up shop. I’m excited Let’s go however here at the pawn shop today all day I’m actually really excited because I’m about to meet a ton of my fan people that watch my view subscribe show support I must to finally meet them today. We’re here pretty early this store opens up in like 20 mins I don’t even know who’s actually here. I kind of want to go see doors Holy shadow Every time I fan cries, I’ll do ten push-ups, okay. I was gonna get the bird shot whoa Christ merge. Oh I see you boy Brushes fuck it was okay so basically raised gum is missing features right here with banks and Alisa as you may know and he asked me to go outside and Vlog into what the fans are up to so you know what let’s do this What’s your name, what do you want to say to Isaac hey? What do you think about Jigme Wait do we shut down the street no guys so we were meeting fans having a good time You know I love just meeting everyone and the cops are ruining the fun.

They really are they’re shutting down the whole street We have to leave we’re getting arrested I’m not trying to get locked up dude said they have like a helicopter up there and he said approximately Minimum like 7,000 people damn that’s pretty This is a pretty bummer but And we can turn a bad situation around I haven’t ate all day, it’s 3 o clock We were supposed to stay till 6 o’clock shut it down The cops shut it down this girl has my murtra Imagine waiting all day man getting to the first of the line, and then the cops shut it down And you can’t meet me I feel bad, but if she’s watching this Guys and we came prepared – guys we literally had six security guards to take care of all the commotion Dude honk the horn honk the horn one time They’re running like fucking zombies Melissa does go-go-go this is actually a safety hazard dude these kids dude.

I love these kids I love these kids.

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